PJ Pants from a Silk Dress

Almost all my pajama pants are long flannel,  making them wayyyy too warm under the pile of blankets I like to sleep under. And silk pajamas are my favorite (no surprise there!). Since I have been going through my closet and getting rid of piles of clothes, I decided to sacrifice a silk dress to make a new pair of capri length pants- in the time it took to drink my coffee this am. 

The dress was lined and had ties. I left the lining in place- hey, might as well have extra fancy pj's! The ties I sewed together to make the waistband ties since I was too lazy to see if I had elastic hidden in my craft bins- a super awesome decision since the ties are super long and even knotted reach almost to my knees.  The pj's turned out well- if I had wanted to spend more time I would have cute the fabric down  to make it less wide- while the super wide fabric is fine once it hits the knees, it could be more flattering at the waist if I had gone to the trouble of  removing an extra inch or two.

Don't feel bad for the dress. It had a horrible wardrobe malfunction built in. The front crosses over the other side- which is a great drape, but gaps open super high up the leg when I sat down- not good, I need NO help from clothing on the wardrobe malfunctioning front!

 Yea, the normal sewing of pajama pants, just like if I were sewing them from any other fabric. I did go to the effort of turning under and stitching seams for the waistband to make it extra sturdy though!
Fancy!  Complete with lining. And fancy stitching at the waist. Now I don't want to get dressed for the day! Maybe I won't :)

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