Spring Lace Knitting

As always, I am obsessed with lace shawls for spring. This spring it seems I am especially obsessed with bottom up lace shawls and lace I can knit in 400 yards (maybe 450) or less- a typical skein of sock or lace weight yarn.

  I even broke down and knit the same shawl twice! Though not by choice, my charting software deleted the entire pattern AND charts for the white shawl, so I had to recreate it from scratch and knit a second version to be sure it worked. Sigh. I am NOT happy with my charting software right now (it deleted/saved over several other items as well, losing multiple days of work, not to mention knitting time).

 I took a break to play with knitting shortrows!

And finished the stainless steel scarf I was working on (turned out even better than I hoped, pattern coming soon!)

Joey has been quite "helpful" in the process- I have been working more at my desk than my couch (when not coworking, more on that later), with the unfortunate result that he jumps up and knocks things over or gets tangled in the yarn.  He has been very interested in my hula hoop though (and no, I am not very good at it!), to bad cats can't learn to hula hoop!

 And one more shawl...the bind off took forever, even though it was only a couple hundred stitches!
Even just getting ready to be blocked, the picot border already looks much (much!) better than it did straight off the needles.  Blocking makes all the difference in lace!

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