The Dark Side of Cabling

(Forgive the pictures, it was night and dark, and I am not one for waiting for the light of day to fix cabling errors- best to bite the bullet and get it over with!)
See that? O man o man, not good, there's about 9 rows of cabling that was messed up by crossing 2 cables the wrong way- at least I noticed it relatively quickly so less serious surgery was involved!


O yea, can we talk about how fun it is to undo cables and reknit them in the same gauge without having the edge stitches tighter or looser? The figuring out the knitting part is the easy part- tension is always harder for me, making sure that the cables look the same as the ones above and below will.

All better! At least it wasn't the side with the buttonholes!


Now back to trying to make pleats and fabric cooperate! Love the idea of this tunic, but not so sure about the extra fabric at the shoulders- most of us don't need to make our shoulders and wider (or at least, I don't!).

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