Knitting Gifts: Reviews and Knitting Tools

With the holidays coming up on us quickly I though I would provide some reviews for people looking for holiday gifts (uh, assuming you don't want to ask for/get my yarn or knitting patterns :) ).  The post got so long with how much space the videos take up that I ended up splitting it up in to different blog posts on another blog to make it easier to read.  These are all items that are available at many LYS (local yarn stores), online craft stores, and Amazon. There are of course many unique and one of a kind gifts of yarn and special tools too- but it is best to check your LYS for those!

So here we go!
Each of these link to a review (most with videos I made just for the occasion!)

Stocking stuffers and gifts under $10:
Sweater Stones- great alternative to an electric sweater shaver- I have been using one for years!

Locking Stitch Markers and Bent Tapestry Needles- need I say more? My favorite (and inexpensive!) tools by far.

$20 and under- treat yourself, or great gifts for knitters you know
Needle Felting Tools- great if you are doing lots of needle felting and want to get it done quickly! I actually prefer to just use feltign needles without the tool, but I don't needle felt large objects.

Knitting Kits- great for people just starting out knitting, to take with you traveling, or if you only need a few knitting supplies.

$100 and under-
Denise or Boyle Interchangeable Knitting Needles- less expensive than the Addi set. I have a set of Denise's.

$100 and up-
Addi Interchangeable Knitting Needles- the best of the three main brands of interchangeable needles, the join is by far the least obnoxious.

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