Wrap Continues

The wrap/robe continues on in all it's laceweight glory! There are over 300 stitches going across the bottom, geez! I just have to keep the cat from sitting on it (sharp claws is bad for the fabric), and we are golden! Minus the hundreds of stitches for the edging, anyways...

I went to Urban Craft Uprising this weekend. It was interesting...I love monsters, bikes, and octopus as much as the next person, but it seemed like there was a profusion of them there! Or maybe I have just been seeing the same artists over and over. Not a bad thing, just an interesting trend.

I think my summer trip has been canceled, though maybe only put on hold. A family member had to have surgery unexpectedly. They are fine, just did a number on their knee.  In the meantime, I will be spending far too much time, as usual, hanging out with my Joey the cat, who only gets louder as time goes on! (and he hates my ringtone, which is a cat meowing and is absolutely hilarious)

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Deborah said...

Urban Craft Uprising does seem to have a lot common trends, perhaps its just the creative vibe in Seattle along with a desire to sell what's being bought? I don't know.

For a while it was sock monsters and sock octopuses, but that trend seems to have died