New Camera!

Still can't beleive I managed to lose my last camera. Ah well. I like this new one even better, even if I feel like new electronics feel much more flimsy. The new camera is a Fujifilm JX250 . I am liking the flash (or lack of) much better than my other camera's, though it is taking a few shots before I can get a non blurry image. To be fair, I was testing it in low light, and is doing a good job of not washing the colors out.

The knitting above is a secret project I am working on in a lace weight yarn. You can probably guess from the waste yarn that I am knitting another sweater! My big question for it right now will be if I should add a bright colored border around the edges or not. I think the curves that the sweater will have will prevent it, and it is so lightweight I wouldn't want to add heavy hems that would weigh it down.
Mmm, pink yarn. It's actually a bit lighter in color, more like the bottom picture.  We'll see if I can part with it. Not usually a pink person, but I had fun making a felted french press cozy from it already.

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