Finished Shawl (Pattern Soon)

Finished a shawl- just 500 yards of yarn! Pattern to come soon. Charts alone took longer than knitting the shawl!

A nice simple edging with garter all around creates an unfussy lace.

While the pattern repeats are easy, each 10 row repeat section had to be designed to account for the edges. The number of edge stitches changed each row since the pattern repeat is 11 stitches to every 10 row repeat.

For 500 yards of worsted weight yarn it is quite big- full shawl size!

I only blocked it lightly, as the points of the shawl are quite subtle due to the garter edging.

Can you see how the bottom section on the shawl is lighter? Not really noticeable when the shawl is dry, but that is thanks to differences in the skeins of hand dyed yarn.

Sigh. I lost my new camera- the one I replaced an older camera with that I had spilled water on. Now I am using my *really* old camera until I can get a new one. Ugh, not expensive electronics for me that I can lose. It must have fallen out of my bag on the bus- hard to do, since the strap is usually looped secure around a handle. O well.

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