Knitting Hanspun Socks- 2 ply yarn

Knitting socks in handspun yarn is terribly amusing to me. Every inch is unique, every row exciting to see how it builds upon the last. This yarn has some camel carded in to it. Mmmm.

I like to spin my sock yarn for basci socks 2 ways: Navajo plied for a more striped yarn, or two plies to really spread out the stripes and make a more tweedy yarn. If I am knitting a lace pattern I will probably do 2 or 3 plies (but not navajo ply)  in a noncontrasting blend. 

Here, I want contrast but am doing 2 plies since my batts are somewhat tweedy and I want only short stripe segments. 

Spinning with my super fine lace flyer + bobbins on my Lendrum. LOVE the flyer. I spin multiple bobbins then ply switching between them to make the finished yarn more even (in case I spun one bobbin thicker or thinner than the others). Did I mention how much I love this flyer? I am using the lowest ratio for it to spin these really fine singles. 

Finished, it looks much more tweedy and less striped than I was hoping for originally. Knitting the toe of the first sock proves it is at least a bit stripey, so I am crossing my fingers!

There's only 275 yards/~4 ounces of the yarn, so I will be knitting the socks at least partially 2 at a time. I don't anticipate a problem not having enough yarn though since it is almost dk weight.

My cat is obsessed with this chair! Don't mind the mess in the background- I was rescuing a couple things people left at my apartment building to keep them from being thrown out. Chair is not staying since I don't need another chair, but I feel kinda bad now that Joey likes it so much!

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