New Bike Bags, New Pillow, And (almost!) a New Pattern

I made a pillow out of some of the fabric left over from the napkins I was making. Just a quick square pillow cover, and because I am lazy, no zippers or buttons, I just invisibly sewed the cover on. It's for the side of the couch the cat sits on, so it is more functional than decorative.
I got new (to me) bike bags. They are HUGE, and will fit my computer- perfect, since while I have both a laptop backpack AND messenger bag, I don't want any weight on my back when I ride- I have enough balance issues as it is! These are not dry bags, but they do have waterproof covers built in to the tops that can be put over the bags if necessary.

And finally, there is almost a new pattern ready! I am super excited about this one since I took a bunch of videos about how  to knit wrist warmers/how to do colorwork while I was making them, and am putting together a PDF and video file class for people who want to learn how to do these. I think wrist warmers are a great start to colorwork since unlike mittens there is not as much shaping, I use really simple patterns, and I think wrist warmers are more wearable for most people. Pattern + class option will be up soon!

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