Day 9 of 101 Yarns + New Fibers!

Day 9-
Cows Come Home
3 ply wool, recycled plastic soda bottle fiber, mohair, and more!
27 yards, Bulky weight

I got some new fibers! I usually buy fibers 50-100 pounds at a time, so I only have a couple types of basic fiber and a few mroe exotic fibers at a time, and pick up bits and pieces here and there to supplement- which also allows me to get some local stuff, which I can only find in small quantities.  I got new angelina, natural colored fiber, silk floss (it's a total pain to pull apart!), silk hankies, local angora in a beautiful gray, camel, and  superwash merino to play around with and see how it dyes compared to my usual wool.

Carding up the natrual colored wool with just a bit of has great "squish factor"! Too bad I only was able to get a couple ounces of it!

The bright fuscia in the background is the superwash merino that I dyed with cochineal. Absolutely lovely, you would never guess it was a natural color out of the wild! I spun up one batt of the natural wool to make some lace weight for a future daily yarn.

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