Day 3,4, and 5 101 Yarns 101 Days

Day 3 Denim

Llama, 12 feet/4 yards
Worsted, 4-5 st/in Needles: 4.5-5.5 mm, US size 7 to 9

Day 4Bounce Handspun
A yummy little skein of hanspun chock full of mohair and mixed fibers. Perfect for a small project or trim on a larger project.
25 yards 
wool, mohair, cotton
Aran weight

Day 5 Angel
13 yards unbleached soysilk and bamboo- one ply of each!
Worsted weight
This yarn is a vegan handspun yarn, totally undyed so no mordants or dyes at all.

Catching up on a couple days, plans unexpectedly got changed so I wan't able to blog about new yarns.  Continuing to post new naturally dyed handspun yarns every day to the shop.

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