Dulce de Leche Carmel Truffles, Popovers, and Bread


I have been making all sorts of yummy food lately. These are dulce de leche carmels. Really supposed to be Brigadeiros, but I am not sure how they are supposed to taste exactly, so for the sake of simplicity these are more like caramels to me than the fudge people describe. I followed that recipe, but used no salt or vanilla since I forgot to add both of them!

I rolled them in gold sugar crystals, ivory colored sprinkles (which are soft not too crunchy), and crushed slivered almonds- untoasted since I wanted the lighter color of them to contrast with the dark brown of the carmel/truffle/whatever it is.


Popovers are an absolute favorite food of mine. Mom gave me popover pans for Christmas, so I have been in popover making overdrive ever since. My current favorite is popovers and french onion soup. I caramelize the onions in a crock pot and use vegetarian beef broth. If I have time I cook the onions one day and heat the beef broth the next day with thyme, more onion, and carrot for a few hours to make a richer broth.

I having some rather unfluffy popovers, I have switched back to whole milk (glass bottle and local, almost all other milk smells more rancid to me) and started making the batter in the blender. I blend everything together when I start the over preheating, then again right before I pour the batter in to the pans. The extra air bubbles and chance for the batter to warm up a bit seems to make better steam pockets.


Finally, I am back to making loaves of bread again. I don't eat many sandwiches, so I typically make sandwich style bread as I want it, and foist the rest of it off on unsuspecting friends to finish up.

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