Sweater Spinning and Sweater Knitting!


A sweater's worth of yarn, spun up in a simple single, over 1100 yards! Whew! Naturally dyed with madder with orangey red undertones throughout the pink variations.


This is a totally seamless top down short row shoulder shaping sweater...and I really hope I find the pattern notes I wrote for it that are MIA, since it was a bit of a pain to figure out the *perfect* shoulder and seamless armholes top down.

Self striping noro for the patterning, and a small mill I currently forget for the white yarn. I am knitting it pretty tight and with some ease as it is meant to be worn as an outdoor jacket.

A volcano plant. Hopefully hard to kill! I am feeling the spring, which usually results in me getting (and killing!) a number of plants.

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