Classes and Handspun Socks!

I will be teaching a couple classes at Assemble, a new shop in Greenwood, Seattle this January! There will be a basic hat class and an eco knitting class. Both of course with handspun! You can see the schedule of classes here: Assemble Classes

I just found a bunch of my old handspun socks I made several years ago. Sitting in my UFO pile just waiting for their toes to be sewn up. So I finished them off so I could take them with me on vacation where it is snowing. Here are a couple...

These are from before I was doing only natural dyes, so I think they are prochem dyes (my favorite dye by FAR as far as chemical dyes. IMO more light fast and better color results and ranges than many others. About as good as a dye you can get without being an actual huge dye studio. A simple 2 ply yarn, with ribbing to help keep the socks up.


This is fiber someone gave me I think. Has silk in it, which was fun to spin, but I spun it up a bit thicker than I would normally like for socks. Cables and ribbing, but you can't really see them even in person since the yarn is so tweedy.

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