Subtle Tweed Plaid- The Yarn is Done! Warp and Weft


After finishing spinning the yarn for the Subtle Tweed Plaid Scarf, the yarn from my naturally dyed fiber is all blocked and ready to go!

There are two skeins for the warp, each about 150-200 yards, the total was about 350 yards overall for the warp yarn.


As you can see, one warp skein is much more colorful than the other, which has only a red and a white stripe next to the regular weft colored stripes. The weft is all multitonal shades of the same logwood roving with a few short white stripes in one ply.


Weft yarn was just over 200 yards, next time I will make more or use a reed that is 12 instead of 10 spaces/inch so it doesn't take up as much warp, as I ran a bit short of the warp.

The nice tight plies are spun tightly, but not so much as to make the yarn super elastic.

The weft weights about half what the warp weighs, yard per yard since it is woolen spun and so nice and light and fluffy!

See the difference in the tightness of the plies?


So much yarn! It took me a longgggg time to spin enough to be able to weave the entire scarf from handspun!


I rolled the warp yarns in to separate balls. I warped using both balls of yarn at once to help break up the stripes to keep it subtle- otherwise there would have been one really obvious white stripe and muddled stripes of the other colors.


The warp all chained off and ready to go on the loom. None of the warping and weaving pics turned out as it was dark...I was up until 5 am weaving it! I was obsessed, and this took a long time from start to finish. But hey, when I have a dream about subtle tweed plaid scarves from handspun and remember them when I wake up, well, I have no way to stop myself from making it.

Ready to be blocked and finished! The white stripes in the weft overlap with the warp white sections to create occasional plaid sections. The yellow and pink/reds were much less obvious in the finished product, which relieves me greatly as I was a bit worried about how bright they looked in the ball.

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