Things You Never Regretted Buying

This started a fun discussion on a forum, so I thought it would be nice to bring it here too. It doesn't have to be crafty (I wish I could say I never regretted any craft purchases, but that would be a lie), but what do you never regret buying?

Things I never regret having bought:

-My pottery barn Emma collection dishes. I LOVE them. They are expensive (to me), but I love having a set of dishes that matches but is still neutral. Having matching dishes keeps me from buying other dishes, mugs, and teacups "because they are cute". (I still love it when people give me teacups though!)

-Addi lace needles- pointy but not too slick, perfect for my super loose knitting.

-A french press. We break them (usually on the boat), so my family has been through many of them, but it is the best way to make coffee!

-Desk/bookshelf combo that leans against a wall. It is my favorite piece of furniture I bought when I move to my apartment, and the narrower desk prevents me from spreading stuff out *everywhere*.

-Pants and jeans- I'll admit, I haven't bought a pair of pants for less that $50..ever. Even on sale. It is hard to find pants long enough- even ones I can have tailored longer- but the pants I do buy last for years because they are also made from really good materials.

-I never regret buying "dressy" clothes- clothes that can function in an office environment, night out, etc. They always make me much happier than if I had spent the same amount of money on casual clothes.

-A water carbonator Soda Club). I love drinking fizzy water, hate buying it and recycling all those containers especially when half of it then goes flat on me. It has also helped cut down on drinking soda- which was much easier to justify buying when buying sparkling water.

-I have yet to ever regret buying a cardigan. I have given several away that have gotten a bit too short for me, but I have at least one cardigan that I have had since 5th grade. No, I am not even kidding- it is still a cute classic cut and color, and I have no more curves now than I did then!

-I am happy I spent the money to join a gym! It is small and not scary, and everyone is really nice there- even when I accidentally put my lock on someone ele's locker yesterday-oops!

-My Kindle. Yes, expensive. But I had the chance to try my SO's Sony reader while on vacation, and I liked the kindle more- the wireless internet and the ability to download books even while in Canada was great.

-My hybrid bike-I feel a bit more stable on it as I am learning to ride again since it has thicker tires. It is a bit heavy, but not as heavy as a mountain bike would be, and the frame is actually big enough for me without having a frame that is too long.

-My car. As much as I sometimes gripe about it. I didn't buy it, and it is the only car my dad has ever bought new, but I love it so much, even after it being totaled twice. It is not perfect- but it is easy to drive, and it is now super cheap to insure at 20 years old.

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