Making Brown Sugar ( via AC)

Angry Chicken has a great post on how to make brown sugar. I love this idea, much cheaper than buying the dark brown sugar
I usually buy. I can find bulk fair trade organic sugar
much cheaper near me, and I always have molasses on hand. I prefer dark or blackstrap molassesblackstrap molasses in baking since I like the strong and sometimes bitter (in the case of blackstrap) in gingerbread, bean recipes, or marinades. Not to be confused with my favorite sparkling water additive- pomegranate molasses /concentrate- one of those foods you find wandering around Whole Foods and can't resist buying. Anyways, I dare someone to make pomegranate sugar, I bet it would be tasty (they sell it as a sugar for rimming cocktail drinks, usually in little metal tins that are quite pricey!

I also always keep Muscovado Sugar on hand. It is my favorite fall sugar for cookies and dense breads. I like to keep some type of raw or large crystal sugar on hand and powdered sugar as well, but usually run out of those. Like Angry Chicken, I often make powdered sugar in my blender- I bet you could do it in a coffee grinder if you didn't have a blender. A coffee grinder is how I grind my oat + almond flour (which I only use small amounts of both here or there, but use the "whole" ingredient much more often. Almond flour seems to go rancid faster than I can use it [and again, whole almonds tend to be cheaper...])

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