Destash: Books, DVDs, Craft stuff

I am destashing a bunch of craft things, books, magazines, DVD's etc. Love it all, but my bookcases are overflowing again.


This week I am destashing:
+Yellow Scalloped edged dress with white embroidery.

+Weaving shuttles- long 29 inch rag weaving shuttles- #1 weaving shuttle and #2 weaving shuttle.

+Green Housekeeping- a book on doing eco friendly housecleaning and organizing.

+ Craft Magazine: 01 (first issue). Includes the instructions for making an LED shirt!

+Book: Rowan Cork Collection. This is full of knitting patterns for bulky/chunky yarn.

+Dwell March 2009

+Knit n Style December 2008. I have an obscene amount of knitting magazines and don't knit from patterns almost ever.

+Get Crafty. Book on crafty lifestyle

+Book: Deep Economy

+Magazine- Western Interiors may 09

+Seattle Magazine: food issue, best eateries

+Dwell- Aug 2008 Growing up green/sustainable

+Laughing Corpse- the first book of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

I just watch the shows once, we get them for while we are boating and have no TV or internet.

+Boston Legal Season 1
+Boston Legal Season 2
+Boston Legal Season 3

+24 Season 1
+ 24 Season 2
+24 Season 3
+24 Season 4

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