On vacation!

I am on vacation! (I actually left on the 7th!) To quote J, "I'm on a boat!" (video nsfw). I'll be back on the 23rd!

As the video does suggest, I will be on a boat. In Canada. And I will probably not check my email, so please wait until I get back for a response! J (the SO) is coming with, and my parent's cats get to come too! My parent's boat is of course not as big as the one in the video, but we do manage to fit a variety of kayaks and a dinghy on top, and tow another dinghy behind us. Have to have 'em if we want to be able to get to shore! We usually anchor out in various places for several days at a time- possible only because we can generate power and make water. We also usually end up at a few docks too, but it is nice to not have to rely on them. Hopefully we will make it to at least one dock with a yarn store nearby!

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