New Vegan Handspun Yarns

Midnightsky Fibers New Vegan and Recycled Soda Bottle Yarns

Whew we are setting record temperatures for Seattle this week, but the dye pots are still going!
New this week at Midnightsky Fibers:
Cloche Hat Kits are finally in stock- reminisce about the 1920’s flappers with these handspun knitting hat kits.
Vegan Yarns- the VEGAN section is back! It includes all (hopefully!) the vegan handspun yarns and fibers currently available at Midnightsky Fibers- including organic cotton and recycled soda bottle fibers
Recycled Soda Bottle Fiber Yarns- These are some of my favorite yarns for the update! I even dyed it with natural dyes! Spun with organic cotton, natural unbleached soysilks, and much more- there are boucles, corespun, plied, and more!
Also new: local cashmere dyed with cochineal, more Space Hats Kits, and naturally dyed mohair. Shop at Midnightsky Fibers!

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