Sewing- converting a shirt to PJ shorts


See this shirt? It fits funny. The elastic bunches up higher than the waist should when you move around leaving you looking...odd.

But the elastic is nice- makes a nice hem. So I cut up the shirt. I cut just above the elastic, then folded it over to sew a zizag hem over a section of fabric that didn't have elastic (it is in 4 panels so I sewed between), pulling the fabric tight since the fabric is not stretchy.


I used part of a sleeve to create a gusset at the bottom after sewing up part of the flaps on the side to make sure the bottom was nice and roomy. Kind of like these boxer instructions, but since I was using the bottom of a shirt I had fewer seams to sew. Sadly not enough fabric at the top to make a matching tank style shirt for sleeping in, but maybe once my stretch lace comes I will make another pair. I need to find more colors of thread first.

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