I have been toying with a way to hold yarns that are waiting to be listed on my site or that I want to have out for inspiration. Reading Decor8's new post on small office spacesreminded me that ReStore in Balllard has bunches of drawer pulls that would be cute on pegboard- used to hang yarn on.

Right now the yarn mostly lives piled on a table (which has a TV above it and the drum carder next to it- I rarely eat there and mostly eat at the kitchen island) and on the cart my drum carder sits on. The only downside to doing a pegboard to hold some yarn would be that I am not sure I could then push my loom or drum carder up against the wall next to my desk. A bookcase wouldn't work- heavy, don't want to have to move it- and the collapsible cubes would be a disaster with the cat.


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