Roving to Yarn


I dyed up a TON of this roving seriously, I don't know how I fit so much of it in one dye pot! I have been spinning it in different weights and STILL have some left over for the shop. (If available still it is in the fiber section!)


For the first yarn I made I divided the roving in to two long equal strips. I spun the yarn from one end of the strip to the other, and had each bobbin start on the opposite end of the strip so the color would vary.


I had a great view while I was spinning. Finally warm enough to spin up on the roof on some days, though I have to watch that my carefully divided up strips- in order of the roving to keep color sequence- didn't blow away.


Like with most yarn I spin, I spun these bobbins holding the fiber over my left index finger. I like this method since I don't have to do as much predrafting!

...Now to ply the bobbins for a 2 ply yarn!

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