I have started paper piecing hexagons with leftovers of the sheep fabric I made an apron from earlier and some reproduction style fabric London gave me when she moved. Inspired by My Paper Crane's quilting. Much easier than the triangles quilt I was making before- I like the paper pieces, helps me keep it even!

I am not sure what to put it with, I don't want it to look to vintage, and the normal Rowan or Amy Butler fabrics I would choose to go with it seem like they would clash quite a but with these fabrics...

The hexagons are only 1.5 inches per side, so larger designs would get rather lost.

I am loving house fabric and the possibility of adding more different sheep. I think in the end I will end up making it much more vintage than modern looking. Or I might just finish these off and start a new set with some fat quarters in more modern prints...

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