Swine Flu

Ok, I have to ask because it is being asked everywhere else: Are you worried about the swine flu? Following the maps that look more and more like zombie apocalypse?

Personally, I am not worried. Following Casaubon's Book's advice- chiefly, just watching now. Granted, both me and my family already have a fair bit of food stockpiled, medicines, and access to medical care. Plus a place away from the city if we really wanted or needed to leave that also has enough food for a month or so.

It does mean I won't be taking any more impromptu vacations right now-can't risk infecting family members, who work with/are near people that the flu could hurt. (I don't get flu shots either, but if I lived with my family I would be supposed to get them.)

Will be interesting to see what effect this will have on the economy if people are staying home more.

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