A hat sort of week


Oof, so much fiber this week that is finally dry (not very warm in my house, so it is taking awhile when the drying racks are piled high!). LOTS of indigo dyed up, since I might as well exhaust the dye pot while I am at it.

Pastaza hat, with the leftovers of the hat below and 1 skein of another Pastaza colorway. Started decreasing 1 stich every row after about 3 inches of the green were knit, which makes the hat curve aroudn when it is on the head.

It's been a hat making sort of week here. Pastaza (1 skein), knit all the way around on some extra long double points. Hat is for the charity knitting group at my work.

And finally, one more hat (not really, as I did finish knitting several others, but no pictures of those yet). This is Hello Yarn's baby bonnet, and I made it in Baby Cashmerino.

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