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Rustic Mittens (soon to be a free pattern). Uses about 200 yards of EcoWool. Chain stitch embroidery above the cuff makes the otherwise very plain mitten more fun.


I had great finds at the Fremont Sunday market this week! Pears were 10/$1, plums $1a box, peaches 2.99 a pound- the cheapest I have seen them locally! Plus local red peppers and corn.


Mmm plums like the ones that come off my mom's plum tree (when the wind doesn't know all the blossoms off).

Also at the market- this super cute glass with a spinning wheel on it. I think it is part of a domestic glasses set as there were others depicting other "chores", but not near as fun as the wheel.

And finally, the Holiday Stocking. This is for the Holiday Stocking class I am teaching at The Fiber Gallery on November 15 and 22. Made using good old Cascade 220- and just one skein of each color!

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