Fiber Friday Topics

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This is just a tiny skein, spun from plastic fiber from bottles and natural brown wool locks.

Sorry for missing last week, still recovering from having to uninstall and reinstall all computery things here :)

Topics for the next couple weeks are:
(today)September 5thOrganic- naturally colored, organic, recycled…

September 12th Awash in fabric-a crochet rug, pieced bag, and yarn galore all in one and one for all.

September 19 Paperbound- scrapbooking and yarn all in one? Spinning Shredded newspaper? You betcha!

September 26th Campy- vintage and a little bit retro? Park themed?

How do people like having the topics posted in advance? Good/bad? I know some communities only do it a week out or so, but I know many people commented here they don't have time to do something in a week (I know I don't, my mordanting process is twice that, ha!).

Anyways, if you have ideas for F_F topics, let me know here in comments or email (through my site, whatever). Thanks :)

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