cashmere fiber

Best find yet at the market today...cashmere!

Local cashmere (even within the US as "local") can be pretty hard to find! This is cashmere that has not yet been dehaired from a local farmer in Washington. I was able to get 2 ounces of each a white and a natural brown. I am not sure yet if I am going to offer any of it for sell yet (it would be about $15/ounce, and only for retail- drop me a comment though if you are interested.), though I foresee more of it possibly in my future. Expensive stuff that it is!

I immediately dehaired a bit and spun it up and a lightweight spindle, plying it quickly and knitting it up before blocking the yarn. I'll show you the sample once I have blocked it a bit. The yarn was almost 30 wpi, but will probably be more like 25 after blocking.

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