I just went to go mordant some new yarn. Awesome yarn. Local, small batches, 100% Clun Forest sock yarn. Which is a sheep breed I have not seen in sock yarn, though I have heard of its existence elsewhere. But that is not what this story is about.

As I went to reach for my dyepot so I could mordant my fiber, I realized it was MIA.

My cousin had just gone back upstairs after introducing our cats and having dinner down here (we live a floor apart), and got some rather frantic knocking on her door from the downstairs tenant saying their is water leaking in to her apartment from the ceiling.
Water from an unconnected hose from a washer in a two floor unit that had leaked down to the neighbor below. Who could not reach the manager. An easy fix since my dad was still here, and lots of running up and down the stairs. In the meantime though, water is running out of light fixtures, the dooorjam, and the fire sprinklers. All my towels are wet or sitting under pots to try and keep the carpet dry. All all my large pots are sitting under the drips.

(The clun forest will be up in the shop shortly, btw)

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