I wrote twenty pages last night for a midterm. Hooboy do I wish I was kidding (even leaving a space between each line of writing, that is a fair bit of my scrawl!). Don't mention the words torts or negligence near me for a couple days, k? Doing so will get you an evil look and no cookies of fresh bread. I couldn't knit for the rest of the night!

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That midterm- and the slew of memos and related assignments due for night classes- were not the only reason things have been progressing slowly around here. Do you see that sleek body streaking through the picture above? Besides the fact that the picture makes him look suspiciously like a dinosaur, has been really helpful lately with the yarn prep.

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Mostly by sitting in it.

I'm not going to be able to put together packages or dye anything until Tuesday, since I am working Monday, my usual putting-everything-in-the-mail day, and everything from Thursday was of course pushed back because I was not in town until my test (and was studying for it). I don't know how people can work full time and go to the post office- the real problem really, since packages over a pound can't just be dropped in a bin, and it would be weird to bring them to work, and can't leave them in the lobby and be sure they will actually make it to the post office worker.

Speaking of apartment- they removed the papers that had all the phone numbers to reach management if there was a problem. And the managers we had are now gone, which begs the question- how the heck do you reach them if you are locked out (trust me I have no plans of that!). Neal, you will love this. The guy that lasted six hours on the job? Well, the replacement to the replacement lives outside of Seattle and will not be living on site. Last I heard they had yet to find an assistant manager- who will hopefully be on site (2 buildings remember!), but I am not holding my breath.

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