TAM exhibit, teaching classes

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Sweater in progress from handspun. It is really...red and purple!

I'll get around to talking about the art exhibit soon, I just have to get pictures from other people first, since my camera took pictures like this: (yea the lighting from up above to down below was problematic!).
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(Not that you can really see them, but the two in the top with flowers on them are the ones I designed, they are quite a bit more subtle and brown (hence issues trying to photograph them on the Tacoma Art Museum's floor). Lot's of abrash and combined colors in the knotting.

I will say, my clients were so pleased with their rugs that they signed up for next year on the spot! They even picked their artist for next year right then and there (since I won't be there of course!) so they would have someone familiar with my work. They are going to have a rug designed for their dinning room table area to match the rugs I designed.

Let the insanity of finals papers and projects begin! Ok, really they have been in the "OMG they are due WHEN??? stage for the last week, and I am so behind on reading blogs!)

I taught a really great class of Foucault a couple days ago, it's amazing to me how many people have never heard of the power-knowledge-truth triangle who are supposed to be familiar with Foucault, especially when almost every anthropology class ever mentions him. People told me after the class that it was the best explanation they had ever gotten (and this wasn't just one or two people either...), and that it actually made him make sense. Especially for discourse.

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