A handsewn Quilt to be

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I've always loved hand sewing. While I can and have machine quilted and sewn quite a bit (my downfall is the planning stage- I hate measuring super accurately then cutting out exact lines!), I always come back to the rhythms of hand sewing.

I am starting a quilt that is completely handsewn. You in the back? I saw your jaw drop. I probably won't have enough fabric to make a quilt that is full or queen size, but I didn't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on supplies all at once in case it was something I didn't end up finishing. So I guess I will have to eventually go back to the fabric store. O darn. Or go to http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/fabric who has the tree bark fabrics as well (but not all the others, at least I couldn't find the stripes [top left] there).

Of course, I then promptly run out of thread. At least I remembered to wear a thimble right? I should probably wear one on my index finger of my hand that is under the fabric as well.

The tree bark fabric is the main fabric for the quilt, the others are accents. I am making triangles (one side bark one side pattern) and sewing them together. I am loving the tree bark pattern more and more, If I was a bit better at sewing (erm really, at patience and measuring right) I would make a skirt from it. Maybe I will if I am not sick of the fabric by the end.

I wish the fabric came wider though, it would be lovely sheets, but sheets (really just the bottom sheet, I just get tangled in the top...though hmm...with a quilted blanket I guess you would need a top sheet since you can't wash it like a duvet) with seams in them down the center sounds like a disaster.

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