In which the cat gets his head stuck in a bag.

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I received a package all the way from Scotland a couple days ago! Joey spent the rest of the day playing, playing, and playing. There was even a memorable moment- ok, it happened several times in his excitement over the envelope itself- where he got his head stuck in a bag and ran around with it. Opps.

Emma-Louise, who runs KittyCat Boutique is really nice to work with. Joey knew there was something *really awesome* in the envelope as soon as it came in the door, whereupon he knocked it around until I opened it for him. I don't think that the collar I got for Joey is up on the site yet, it is black with white polka dot ribbon (like this but in black and white), really well made, and with a safety buckle/clasp. I really can't say enough good things about her really cute shop- or the catnip toys!

Emma-Louise, Joey says thanks! Or, would if he could! I guess he would say meow instead!

It's been really, really bloody hot here in Seattle! My coconut oil completely liquefied , and it was in the coolest area of the house! I nearly ended up with it all over my pants! At least it makes a good moisturizer, right? Sadly, when it is warm out I still want my HOT coffee or chai in the mornings, so I have resorted to sitting in a coffee shop, preferably a cool one, and working in the mornings so I am not wandering around with hot coffee in the blazing hot sun.

When it gets this hot out, no one in Seattle really reacts well, not many people have AC here. In my last class of the day yesterday, my bright pink and blond mohawked teacher was pretending to be a fan, until we found a small fan, at which point he pretends to be a fan stand. This is also the class where we argue about who's reality we are in (or it's existence, of course) and very nearly come to blows over reality. And then there are the bomb dropping flying penguins that we are all convinced will be the next step after robotic bear (in Japan they fitted a bear who had its legs crushed with fake limbs). The real question is though: would robotic bionic bears or tigers win?

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