Food Miles, or Fair Miles?

Food Miles, or Fair Miles? � Celsias
This is a really good review/synopsis of why it is so important to eat local. A great quote from the article:
For those of you who feel troubled that the new certification consideration that food that has been flown in will not be certified by Soil Association, and you are feeling troubled about the farmer in Kenya, or the farmer in India, let me tell you, by the time huge volumes of exports happen in lettuce or beans or baby corn, the farmer is the first to go.

Their land is taken away and put in the hands of agribusiness. An agribusiness through corporate farming does the exports. It’s not peasants. The peasant was finished at the beginning of the process. So in fact by your refusing to add to food miles and add to carbon emissions you are in fact giving protection. You’re not just protecting the atmosphere, you’re protecting a peasant economy.

- Verdana Shiva
The podcast talking about environmental issues of farming is also really intersting.

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