Meet the newest member (and not notably vegetarian!) of my family! I'll have time to tell you his story once midterms are over!

The short story is: This is Joey, who is 2.5 years old and a former (reformed?) shelter cat who comes to me from an old lady who, after a nasty fall and several months of rehab, is finding she has to give up her cat to move in to a care facility with a higher level of care that does not allow cats. She is very, very sad to see him go! He's also shedding like crazy. I resisted using my handcarders on him though you will be glad to know!

I will be changing his food (currently Iams) and possibly his litter once he has settled in, and would love to hear what people recommend for food- all natural and people grade, organic is a plus and/or eco friendly a plus. This cat food is appealing because it is organic, has lots of real meat in it, and is local the the NW, but there seems to be a lot of rice etc in it. Thoughts?

Also, google has failed me. Does such a thing as a recycled plastic litter box exist, in general, or even better with a cover? Joey has an automatic litter box, but I would prefer a covered litter box so I can use a more eco friendly litter and not use the electricity- plus electicity poses two problems: 1.) automatic ones always get stuck running...and running and 2.) the switches in my bathroom turn off with the light switch so an electric litter box is not ideal.

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