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New glasses! I would like the record to show that I did try and get a photo of me wearing them, but I was either:
a.) pouting. Now, this is usual, but pouting and a washed out (thanks flash!) image do not a flattering picture take.
b.) Emo myspace style. Umm...just not.
c.) You can see a bit too much cleavage from my tank. Ok, so I am super modest (this is the internet yall! I don't want these floating around!)
or final option d.) My blinking due to flash.

We will ignore for the moment the fact that I really need a haircut, that the highlights are grown out and still only present in my bangs in random chunks. I am really excited about the new glasses though, even if they gave me headaches since I haven't worn glasses in so long, I can read street signs again!

Also: Proof my plants are still alive.
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(That's for you mom! But just wait until finals week when I forget to water them!)

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