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This is maybe 3 percent, if even, of the yarn we have been winding for the dye samples. We have over 1,000 (yes! 1,000) skeins of yarn to wind, kilos and kilos of it in 5 different natural shades. Each skein in about 100 yards, and the yarn first has to be wound from these crazy-big balls of yarn, on to a ball winder, then the skein winder- thank goodness we can do six skeins a time. Once wound, the skeins are figure eight tied and taken off the winder, and ties are put on the skeins, as Teresa is doing here. Teresa is one of the awesome employees of EH who I get to spend tons of time with three days a week.

Since each skein is a different weight- ranging from super fine lace weight to dk weight (we won't go in to the quality of yarn, long drawn is not good for single plys, IMO), each group of three has to be weighed before being scoured- the skeins have until this point only been washed in a river and can smell well... sheepy. There is yarn hanging all over EH's studio now.

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