My chocolate has a lighthouse on it (Rose Hill Chocolate Company)!

The executive decision has been made that I am not horribly ill, just a horrible godaweful cold. On the plus, my fever is now no longer 102.5, but just low grade now. The really high fever has been replaced with a painful cough that has me waking up from dead sleep because I can't breathe, coughing so hard I puke (yea sorry if that is TMI). Refused the codeine cough medicine because it makes me feel even more icky- but if this cough keeps up I'll probably have to have it so I get more than 2 hours of sleep. And the constant feeling of something akin to the gag reflex is getting old.

The cough meds + related stuff makes me feel nauseous, so I can't focus properly on a computer screen, which is not helping my stress level with my rug design class, which I feel really behind in. There's just no time to be sick for this extended a period of time!


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