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My cats are here! (So is my car! woohoo!) Snip- the smaller one- has spent most of the day hiding in the corner of the closet, and Splotch keeping her company or sticking his head in the fish bowl:

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He's now taking a break and watching Family Guy with me, staring at the screen as though it was a LOT more interesting than it really is. I'm sad they are only going to be here a week!

I've been running around like a crazy person this last week, with the internship 3 days a week, classes, and work (I still think that shawl I posted earlier is ugly spread out- but that is another story. Crochet bind offs are the devil, but that's only half the problem).

I've finally managed to catch up on some of my missing sleep in the last two days, which is helping with getting over being sick for the last two weeks- still somewhat sick now, but I no longer have the high fever of before.

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